Sophia's Desire



Sophia’s Desire


Gina Duncan

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Sophia’s Desire
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Chapter One
The Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina
Winter 2006
Sophia stepped out of her borrowed room and looked around. She noticed that the cabin had been transformed. Vince had set the table with the good china. Candles were lit in the center of the table. Music was soft and romantic and he’d built a fire in the fireplace.
“Everything looks so beautiful. If I didn’t know any better, Vincent Angelo Dearborn, I’d swear that you were trying to seduce me.”
“Are you going to bed?” he asked, looking at her silk robe as he moved to stand next to her. “It’s a good thing I know you better, Sophia Lenore Stanton, or I’d swear that you were the one trying to seduce me.”
“I just thought I’d get comfortable since we aren’t going anywhere and no one is about to show up here.” She smiled as a slow song began to play over the speakers, filling the cabin. “Would it be all right if we danced?” she questioned, trying to change the subject. She wanted him and she’d try to seduce him, only if she knew how. She hadn’t even been out on a real date, much less had sex. How would Vince feel to find out she was still a virgin and didn’t know the first thing about making love? She also wondered what he’d think if he knew she was completely naked beneath her robe. When she put it on she was hoping he’d take the initiative and show her just what it was she was missing.
Vince stepped closer to her. He took her hand into his and gently kissed it. “I’d love to dance with you.” He pulled her into his arms, holding her tightly.
Sophia didn’t know what had come over her. She just had a strong urge to touch him, so she did it before she lost her nerve and changed her mind. She caressed his smooth jawline and then ran her finger across his soft pink lips. She studied his face for a reaction as they danced. The blue of his eyes stood out bright against his tanned face. His smile was warm and welcoming to her touch. His physique was so lean and muscular. It felt wonderful to be held in his arms. He had unbuttoned his shirt halfway down to show the dusting of hair that covered his chest. It seemed to be a shade darker than the tawny color of the hair on his head. She wanted so badly to caress her fingers through it. She wanted to know what it would feel like against the palm of her hand, through her fingers, would it be soft or coarse?
Sophia wanted to be brave at least once in her life and actually do something she really wanted. Before she could change her mind she ran the finger of one hand slowly across his strong, manly torso while her other hand played with the hair at the nape of his neck. She unbuttoned the rest of his shirt wanting the feel of his flesh against hers. Vince moaned, making his chest rumble beneath her hand. She caressed his chest all the way down to the top of his tight jeans. She wanted to feel all of him. She was absorbed in the feel of his body and was a little shocked when his mouth closed over hers. The kiss was brief but staggering.
“Happy Birthday Sophia,” he whispered, his breath caressing her lips.
“Do you want me, Vince?” she questioned softly, looking up at him.
“More than anything.”
That was exactly the answer she wanted to hear because at this moment all she wanted was Vince. She wanted him more than she ever wanted anything in her life. She felt as if she’d loved him for as long as she’d known him, and she’d known him a long time. She thought she loved him even when they’d started out as mere friends years ago. She’d had a crush on him even then. Now he was holding her in his arms and looking at her with hunger in his eyes. The raw savage passion made her pulse quicken with an inner excitement she’d never felt before. Just as she saw the love in the blue depths of his eyes he closed them. She wondered if maybe she’d imagined it or, if maybe it was something he didn’t want her to see.
He threaded his fingers through the sides of her hair to frame her face. She felt her heartbeat slow and almost stop just before it kicked into high gear. She felt almost lightheaded with the way her blood was rushing through her body. The warmth of his breath caressed her sensitive lips. The intoxicating aroma of his cologne assailed her senses an instant before his mouth covered hers with a persuasive ease. She could taste the sweetness of whatever it was that he’d drank on the soft curve of his lips.
“We have to stop this, Soph.”
She opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. Stopping was the last thing on her mind, she wanted nothing more than to give him the one thing she had never wanted to give to another man—only him.
Vince untangled his hands from her hair and stepped away. Sophia hugged herself, running her hands up and down her arms to ward off the sudden chill. She already missed the warmth of his body against hers. Just the look of him stole her breath away. She found herself thinking of him as a wild caged animal trying to find a way to escape as she watched him pace in front of the fireplace. She certainly didn’t want to be his jailor. If that was the way she was making him feel, she would do her best to stop whatever it was she was doing. Maybe she should go change back into her clothes.
“Come on, we need to eat before our food gets cold.”
He stopped pacing, reached out taking her hand in his and led her to the table. He pushed her chair in once she was seated. He served her a salad and a glass of sparkling cider first. She was still too young to drink alcohol. They were here to celebrate her nineteenth birthday. It would be their last time together before he left for basic training in the Marines and before she started college.  He’d made steaks and baked potatoes for the main course, everything was delicious, or at least everything she could force down. She tried to keep her hands on her lap beneath the table so he wouldn’t see how badly they were shaking. She let her eyes follow his every movement though.
Vince looked sexy in his tight jeans and unbuttoned shirt as he served the meal. His blue eyes sparkling in the candlelight every time he looked at her across the table. What more could a girl ask for? Maybe his love and his heart, but she wasn’t some na├»ve little girl with a crush any longer. She was a woman in love with a man. She knew he loved her, but he wasn’t in love with her. She also knew he was going away. He’d probably meet someone else and forget all about her. Still, while they were here, she could pretend he was all hers.
“What expectations do you have of this night, Sophie?” he asked with a serious look on his face.
“Nothing more than you’re willing to offer.” She answered as honestly as she could. She knew this time, here and now, was probably all they’d ever have. She knew she would always love Vince no matter what became of their lives. She just hoped no matter what happened after tonight they could always at least be friends.
“I can’t offer you anything but right now. I have no idea what will happen or where I’ll end up once basic training is over.”
“I know. I’m not asking for anything. Right now, here with you is all I want.” She wasn’t sure of whom she was trying to convince more, Vince or herself. At least if they made love while they were here she’d always have that memory. It would hurt if this was all they ever had, but she knew she’d never regret being with him.
“Are you still a virgin, Soph?” he asked point blank.
Sophia almost spit her sparkling cider across the table. She could only sit there staring at him for the moment. Would he say he didn’t want her if she admitted to still being a virgin? Would he think it would be too much of a hassle?
“Why—would that be a problem?” she asked quietly. Why in the world would he ask her something like that?
“No, I would just like to know before we go any further.” He smiled at her. He stood and held his hand out to her. It only took her a moment to place her hand in his. He pulled her into his arms as another slow song played. They moved around the room in each other’s arms. She wanted more, but she wasn’t exactly sure how to tell him. When his lips sealed to hers she at least knew she was going to get part of what she wanted.
“I want to make love to you, Soph. I’ve waited so long to have you, but I want you to answer my question first.”
“Yes, I’m still a virgin, but I want you, too,” she said a little nervously.
He turned away from her before he spoke again. “Don’t offer me what you’re offering because I just might take it tonight.” he warned in a low growling voice.
“I want you to take it, Vince. I want you to be my first.”
“Are you sure?” he asked. “Right now, that’s all it can ever be—is tonight.”
“Yes, I don’t care,” she whispered as she stood and moved to his side of the table. She leaned down placing her lips against his.
“You should care. It’s not enough—not for you and definitely not for me.”
“We’ll make it enough for now.”
Vince stood, bent and sealed his lips to hers once more. He wrapped his hands around her waist, lifting her off her feet. He carried her that way, their lips sealed, his tongue invading her mouth. She could taste the sweetness of her birthday cake they’d eaten on his lips. He pushed the bedroom door open with his foot.
The room he’d prepared was warm and glowing from the candles he’d lit. He moved to the bed, placing his knee upon it and then slowly lowered them to it without breaking the kiss. Sophia moaned softly as he kissed across her cheek and down the column of her neck. His warm hand slipped inside her silk robe, moving it to the side to bare one of her breasts. His warm hand cupped her breast, caressing her nipple into a taut peak with his thumb.
Vince untied the sash, pushing it to the side to expose both of her breasts. His hot breath caressed over her just before his lips sealed around one tight peak, suckling her breast into his warm wet mouth. She arched her back pressing her breast closer to his mouth. He moved down her stomach, caressing his body down hers. He slowly pushed the robe aside to expose every inch of her skin. She was embarrassed to discover that in her nervous haste she’d forgotten to remove her panties. He caressed his hands and lips over her ankles and up her thighs. He hooked his fingers in the elastic of her panties, slipping them off. She felt a little vulnerable laying there naked while he still wore all his clothes. She felt her face heat with his eyes on her, roaming over her body. It felt as if he was still caressing her with his hands.
“Ah Soph, you’re so beautiful,” he whispered against her heated flesh.
Sophia felt a little shy. No one had ever seen her naked before. She wanted to cover up, but when she moved her hands down to do just that Vince took her hands in his and held them down at her sides as he moved between her legs. His hot breath whispered over her, causing a shiver to come over her body. She almost came completely off the bed when his tongue flicked across her clit. She bit down on her bottom lip to keep from screaming out loud at the shock and pleasure his hot mouth brought.
Her hips began to lift off the bed of their own accord as his lips and tongue worked magic over her. She couldn’t control the spasms racing through her body. She wanted him to stop…she wanted him to continue. She’d never felt anything so wonderful in her life. She felt in a dreamy state of being until Vince stood and began to strip out of his clothes and then a little apprehension began to seep in.
She wanted to reach out and run her fingers through the sprinkling of hair covering his chest and caress her hand over the ridges and muscles of that marvelous chest, and might have if she wasn’t a little frightened. When he undid his jeans and slid them down his body exposing all of him to her finally, that’s when the real apprehension kicked in.
His cock sprang forth large and proud, and more than a little frightening to her. She knew her mouth had to be wide open, gaping at the massive member staring back at her. She had a feeling that his cock was going to be big, judging from the bulge in his jeans, but he was larger than anything she ever expected. She had moved up to rest on her elbows watching him. She felt her body tremble and her arms begin to weaken.
“Vince I…” She began but stopped. What was she supposed to say and how was she supposed to say it? Her brain was too busy screaming that he was far too big for her small body. If she said something like that would he laugh at her and think she was stupid? The biggest fear she had was that he’d stop altogether and she’d never get to be with him again.
“What’s wrong, Soph?” Vince asked, sounding a little nervous himself.
“I’m scared,” she admitted instead.
“What are you scared of?”
“What if I can’t do this or, if it hurts too much?”
“Don’t worry, Soph. If it hurts too much and you tell me to stop, I’ll stop.”
She could see the sincerity in his eyes and on his face. She trusted him, she knew he wouldn’t do anything she didn’t want or to hurt her intentionally.
“I just never expected you to be so big,” she blurted out without thinking. She felt her face heat and knew it must have turned red when Vince laughed out loud.
“Are you complaining?” he asked as if no one had ever said such a thing to him before.
“I don’t know yet,” she stammered as she lay back on the bed, throwing her arm over her eyes. Maybe if she couldn’t see how big his cock was, then maybe she wouldn’t be so nervous. She heard something tear open and then she jumped when he moved between her legs. She felt his hand on her, caressing her clit just before he slipped a finger inside her wet pussy. He moved it around inside her before slipping a second one in. Her hips arched as he began to pump his fingers in and out of her slowly.
Sophia began to squirm and move against his hand as she felt something building inside. She felt so hot and needy, but she wasn’t sure what it was that she needed or, wanted.
“Are you ready for me now, Soph? You’re so hot and wet on my fingers. I promise to go slow if you’re ready to try.”
“Yes, Vince. I want you to take me now,” she moaned still moving against him and trying to reach something that seemed to be just a breath away. She wanted to cry out her protest when he pulled his fingers free of her body, but then he pushed into her in one swift hard movement. The stretching of her vagina muscles was a searing, burning pain she hadn’t expected.
She heard a scream fill the room and then realized it had come from her. Vince was above her, looking down at her. His eyes searching her face as if trying to judge whether or not to continue. He caressed his large hand over her cheek, his thumb caressing just under her eye. He stayed there with his lower body immobile. He was embedded deeply and fully within her, stretching her beyond endurance. What happened to going slow, she wondered. Maybe it was the same as removing a bandage. Maybe you had to do it quickly so there wouldn’t be as much pain. But right now you couldn’t prove that by her because this had hurt like hell and burned like fire.
She didn’t know how long they stayed that way when she felt her muscles relax enough to accommodate his bulging, pulsating cock. She was a little surprised that she could actually feel him throbbing inside of her. She wasn’t sure if he’d felt her relax around him or if it was something he saw on her face, but he began to move slowly inching out and then back in. There was no more pain, only a glorious fullness she never wanted to give up.
What was it that seemed just out of reach, what was she was searching for? What could feel any better than what she was feeling right now? The amazing feel of him moving within her was absolutely electrifying, and then it happened, she climaxed for the first time in her life. Her body arched off the bed as her nails dug into his back, pulling him tighter to her. This time the scream that tore from her had nothing to do with pain.
She felt on top of the world, spinning out of control as her heart raced and her breath was labored. She wanted the feeling to go on for an eternity and was almost sad when she floated back down to earth. Would it always feel like this? Why the hell had she waited so long to make love to Vince? What the hell had she been so afraid of? The pain at the beginning was only a distant memory now, one she was soon to forget, especially if this was the way sex felt.
They were only supposed to spend the weekend, apparently the weather had another idea altogether. When they awoke the next morning after a night of making love, they were completely snowed in. As a matter of fact, a blizzard had set in. They were trapped at the cabin for almost two weeks. Sophia was almost afraid they’d starve to death, luckily they found canned goods stored in the pantry.
It turned out to be the best two weeks of Sophia’s life. Vince teased that he’d turned her into a sex fiend or something after the first night. She just felt as if she couldn’t get enough of him after the first time. She was almost thankful that Vince had stopped and bought a whole box of condoms before he’d picked her up. She wouldn’t admit it to Vince but she’d been thrilled when she found out that they were snowed in. She was so in love with him, she never wanted to leave this place or his side.
She knew that once they left their real lives would begin. Vince would be off to the Marines and she’d be back in school. She had four years of college ahead of her to become a registered nurse. It was hard to tell how long Vince would be gone or where they’d even station him at. He promised her that he’d write and call every chance he got, but she wasn’t going to hold her breath. She knew too many things could happen or change.
Today was there last day at the cabin. They’d made love in the shower and now Vince was lying on the bed taking a nap. Sophia sat in the kitchen remembering the way he looked in the shower. The water making his naked body glisten, his body was a flawless perfection. Just thinking of him made her hot and wet. She wanted to go in and wake him up so they could make love again. The only thing that kept her seated was the fear that he might not want her again today.
She was so far or deep in thought that she hadn’t heard Vince enter the room. When a shadow fell over her, she looked up to see him standing there looking at her. She couldn’t help but think of how sexy he looked standing there in those tight fitting jeans. His torso bare and tan, his feet were bare and his hair was a mess for once. He was magnificent.
Damn, she thought. Did he always have to look so good? She watched as he sauntered toward her and then held his hand out to her. Was he thinking the same thing she was? Did he want her as badly as she craved him? She moved her chair back and placed her hand in his.  He smiled and neither of them said a word as he led her to the bedroom.

Chapter Two
October 2009
Cincinnati, Ohio     
It was almost the end of October, but it was still amazingly warm out for this time of year in Ohio. She certainly wasn’t going to complain because she really didn’t care that much for the cold weather anymore. Sometimes she thought about moving to a place with a warmer climate, maybe Florida or Southern California, but then she didn’t know anyone in either of those states. No, she’d stay here and endure the ever changing weather where all her family and friends were.
She couldn’t wait to move back out to the country. She hated living in the city, but it was so much easier to live close to campus. Xavier University was only a few blocks away, and a lot of time she just walked to class. It was a lot cheaper than parking in one of the garages. She was taking the emergency care classes of nursing there, but was thinking once she was through and had worked for a little while, she might go back to take either critical care or medical-surgical nursing.
She was pacing the floor, it felt like forever since she’d seen Vince last. She almost jumped out of her skin when the knock sounded at the door. Sophia opened her door wearing her favorite pair of straight legged jeans, a pink dress shirt and matching pink high heels. She’d brushed her hair and pulled it back into a ponytail, securing it with a pink ribbon. She had been as nervous as hell all day. Hell, if she were to be absolutely truthful she’d been nervous since she’d gotten Vince’s phone call.
He’d been gone for three years. They had written and talked to each other as often as possible, at least for the first two years. She had barely gotten to talk or hear from him in the last year. She believed he was through with her, so she’d tried to go on with her life and pretend that he hadn’t meant that much to her either. Maybe it had worked for him, but she had a problem with comparing everyone to Vince. No one seemed to stack up quite the way he did. Maybe it has something to do with him being her first.
Vince looked so good standing in her doorway in his Marine uniform. He was holding his hat in his hand so she could see that his hair was buzzed. His blue eyes sparkled as he smiled at her.
She stepped aside and let him into the apartment and sighed as he pulled her into the warm embrace of his muscled arms. It felt good to be wrapped in them again, it’d been so long and she’d missed him more than she wanted to admit. She’d been shocked when he’d called to say he was in town and wanted to see her. Basic training took up most of his time and school did hers. He never mentioned their time at the cabin, she assumed it didn’t mean as much to him as it had her so she hadn’t brought it up either.
“You look so beautiful. I think I’ve been away too long.”
“You’ve definitely been away too long,” Sophia said, wrapping her arms around his waist. “How long are you going to be home?”
“For a few of months and then I’m off again.”
She inhaled deeply. There was an exotic woodsy scent about him as he hugged her tighter to him. She’d almost forgotten that scent, but she’d never forget the feel of him, or of being in his arms. Maybe that’s why no one ever measured up, maybe it was because she’d never truly given up on Vince or gotten over him.
“How long will you be gone the next time? It felt like you were gone forever the first time around.” She ran her fingers over what was left of his once beautiful hair. When he lowered his lips to cover hers once more, she felt nineteen all over again. She was transported back to their time at the cabin. His tongue slipped into her mouth, swirling with hers. Her senses burst with the wonderful taste of him as he devoured her mouth. Vince caressed her cheek with his thumb as he lifted his mouth from hers enough to speak.
“I hope not to be gone as long the next time. I want to get transferred back here and finish my time out in the reserves if at all possible.”
“I’ll hate to see you go again. I missed you so much the last time.” The words slipped out of her mouth before she could stop them. She was a little angry with herself for admitting that to him. What if he hadn’t missed her the same way?
“I wish you could come with me this time,” he whispered.
“Me too, but you know I still have another year of school to get through, and then hopefully I’ll have a job.”
“I know. I can’t believe you want to be a nurse in the emergency department. What made you want to do something like that?”
“I love helping people. You should know that about me. Besides, being in the ER it will be fast and exciting, you never know what’s going to happen.”
“You always did like helping people. I know how much you liked working in the nurse’s office in high school.”
Sophia pulled out of his embrace. She hadn’t meant to let him kiss her, he just looked so damn good she couldn’t resist when his sweet lips touched hers. What she meant to do was ask what basic training had really been like. She also wanted to know why the hell he never mentioned their time at the cabin together. She could no longer remember how many letters she’d written telling him how she felt about him, but never sent.
She wanted to know why he called and asked her out this time. Why did he just kiss her? She put her fingers to her lips. They still tingled from the touch of his. When she realized what she was doing she crossed her arms over her chest.
“Why did call and ask me out? I haven’t heard much from you in over a year now.” She forced the words out before he could charm her back into his arms again and then she’d just forget everything she wanted to know.
“What? I wrote to you every chance I got. I was just busy. Besides you didn’t write much either.”
“I wrote to you all of the time, at least when I wasn’t busy with school.” Sophia shook her head. She wondered what he’d think about all the letters she wrote but didn’t have the nerve to send. She stepped back to put a little distance between them before she reached out and pulled him back to her.
When Vince ambled toward her she stepped backward away from him. She needed some space and she needed answers. She felt her heart quicken as she backed into the wall. She watched him in anticipation as he grew nearer. An ache began deep and spread through her whole body. She ran her tongue over her suddenly dry lips.
Vince planted his hands on the wall at either side of her head. His solid body was stocky and commanding. She felt so small with him so near her. She felt her body tremble, but she knew it wasn’t from fear. She remembered his touch as if it were only yesterday that they had made love. The pure vibrant blue of his eyes was staring into hers. What is he looking for? Her body felt flushed from head to toe waiting for him to kiss her again.
“What are you doing?” she asked a little breathless.
Vince didn’t answer her. He just leaned forward, as his lips found hers once more. His hands moved from the wall to her buttocks, pulling her against him. She could feel how hard he was, how much he wanted her. It was as if they hadn’t been apart at all. She also had a feeling that she wasn’t going to get the answers she wanted, at least not yet.
“Damn woman, I wish you were wearing a dress,” he hissed against her lips.
“Why?” Sophia asked, breathless from his kiss.
“Because I’d make love to you right here against the wall.”
“Somebody might see us. We are in front of the door after all.”
“I don’t give a damn if the whole world saw as long as I could be buried deep inside of you right now.”
“You are a very naughty boy Vincent Dearborn, but believe me the feeling is mutual.”
“Let me remind you how naughty of a boy I can be.”
“I thought we had a reservation somewhere.”
“Yeah, I guess you’re right. I guess we should go before I decide to take you right here and now and forget all about feeding you.”
Vince moved taking her by the hand and leading her out of the apartment before things got any hotter between them, if that was even possible. Her panties were already damp from just the kiss and the feel of him against her. He opened the car door for her, when she was seated he shut it and went to his side to slide behind the wheel.
The restaurant was lovely and the food was wonderful, at least what she could manage to eat. She was too excited thinking about going back to her apartment and stripping him out of that sexy uniform and getting reacquainted with that marvelous body of his. When in all actuality what she should be thinking about was why he was here now and acting like no time had been lost between them. What had happened in the last year? But none of that crossed her mind as she sat there across from him.
Sophia was starving but it wasn’t for food. It had been three long years since she’d been with Vince and even though she’d had sex since then it hadn’t been anything close to making her feel the way Vince had. She was almost convinced no one could make love the way he could. He was the only one who’d ever made her feel alive and on fire. She was afraid there’d never be anyone like him ever again.
She sat there trying to make small talk over her salad and wine. She tried desperately to pay attention to him explaining everything he went through during basic training. The thoughts going through her mind had nothing to do with his training and everything to do with him naked and sweaty. She’d be more than happy to give him a workout.
“Where’s your mind?” Vince asked.
“My mind is right here listening to you,” she offered.
Vince laughed. “You, my dear, are full of shit.”
“Ah, shame on you saying such a thing to me,” Sophia laughed. “Besides, I’d like to finish the talk we didn’t get to have.”
“What talk is that?”
  “You know- the one where you are explaining to me why I haven’t heard from you in a year. Was there someone else?” she asked taking a bite of her salad. She couldn’t bring herself to look at him when he answered her question.
“I wrote to you.”
“Did you send them, because I didn’t get anything from you?”
“Damn, Gloria must have done something with the letters.” Vince ran his fingers over what was left of his hair looking a little frustrated.
“Who’s Gloria?” Sophia asked, trying hard not to sound jealous.
“A girl I met in camp. She was also going through basic training.” He took a drink of his wine and looked at Sophia. “I guess you could say she was my girlfriend. She started living with me about a year ago. We split up when I found out she was crazy.” He took a deep breath and shook his head. “I couldn’t go anywhere or talk to anyone without her losing her damn mind. She went AWOL shortly afterward.”
“So you did have someone else.” Sophia had a feeling that there had been someone else, but it still bothered her to hear it out loud. She wanted to lighten up the mood and play it off so Vince wouldn’t know that it bothered her. “And I didn’t even get to hear about her until now,” she laughed softly.
“In my defense, I wrote and told you everything about Gloria.” He picked up his fork and steak knife and began to cut up his medium-well steak. “So, what about you, any boyfriends out there I should know about, or that are going to be upset that I took you out tonight?”
“No,” Sophia shook her head. “I dated a doctor for a little while, but it didn’t work out. We’re still friends though. We were just too busy for anything more than that at the time.”
“Did this doctor treat you good?”
“Yes of course, he is a very nice man.” Sophia looked across the table at Vince again. “I’m sorry your girlfriend turned out to be so insecure and crazy.
“No you’re not,” Vince accused. “You’re glad she was crazy. Don’t even try to sit there and lie to me. I can see the truth written all over you face.” He took a bite of his steak, and then made a face that looked like he was in total bliss as he chewed slowly. “Do you want to know why I think you’re happy that Gloria turned out to be crazy?”
Sophia couldn’t answer past the lump that had form in her tight throat as she continued to look into those beautiful eyes and face of his so, she shook her head no instead. She watched as a wicked grin came over his face.
The reason I think that is because I believe you still want me and right now I know I damn sure want you. I think you’re in love with me,” he teased with a smile.
Vince had no idea of how right he was, and Sophia wasn’t about to let him know either. She’d give him her body because he was right she damn sure wanted him, but she wasn’t about to risk her heart. Besides he looked so hot in his uniform and it was taking everything she had to just sit there across from him not touching him in some way. She wanted to touch him and run her hands all over his sumptuous body. Still she wasn’t ready to admit that she was in love with him.
“You think mighty highly of yourself, don’t you soldier?” she teased with an arched brow.
“Then why don’t you tell me what you were truly thinking about earlier, beautiful.”
“You and how good you look in that uniform and how much I want to see you out of it.” She didn’t see any reason to lie to him about that part.
“Oh, I can arrange that, if you’re ready to go?” he asked, laying his fork down.
“I’m absolutely positive that I’m ready to go back to my place and get you out of that uniform.”

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