Borrowed Angel

Copyright © 2013
Chapter One
“Why didn’t you tell me you wanted to fuck me?” Trevor asked in
a strong deep voice, stopping Angel in her tracks. She wasn’t sure
how to answer him. She wanted him, but could she, or should she
come out and say such a thing? She was still struggling with the idea
of him being her brother-in-law. Not to mention the trust issues she
now had.
Angel Dayne was a twenty-eight-year-old widow. She loved her
husband and had for what seemed like forever. Adam and Angel had
met in high school. She was a sophomore and he was a senior. They
began to date that year and were married when Angel turned eighteen
and graduated from high school. Adam was in college by then, taking
business courses. She started college that year to become a surgicaltrauma
She had never thought of another man in the entire eight years that
Adam and she had been married. She was happy with her life even if
she missed Adam horribly each time he went away on his business
trips and couldn’t wait for his return. But Adam seemed to be drifting
further away from her a little more with each trip he took.
Her world went to hell right after their eighth anniversary. On his
way home from another business trip, Adam was broadsided by a
semi-truck, killing him instantly. Angel had never felt so alone or
devastated in her life as she had the day the police showed up at her
home to tell her about the accident and that her husband had died. At
least it had been quick and he hadn’t suffered.
That’s also when she met her brother-in-law Trevor for the first
time. He was older than Adam and had already graduated and joined
the army before she’d met Adam. Apparently Trevor had been sort of
the black sheep of the family or at least he was to everyone except for
Adam. Angel hadn’t met him in all their years together and so, she
was a little shocked when Trevor came to stay with her for a few days
after Adam’s death. She supposed he took pity on her because he
ended up staying a little longer.
Angel spent most of her time in her room with Adam’s ashes.
She’d known that he’d wanted to be buried, but she just couldn’t
imagine putting him in the cold dark ground. His parents had
disowned her at that point. Trevor was the only one who’d stayed by
her side. He would often lean against the doorframe, watching and
listening to her talk to Adam’s ashes as if he could answer her back.
Trevor never said a word. He merely stood there as still and silent as a
statue. It unnerved Angel to have him there, but for some reason she
just couldn’t bring herself to make him go away.
In truth she’d been a mess and Trevor took care of her. She
actually thought she was losing her mind when she heard Adam’s
voice one night as she lay in bed, and then she saw him. Well at least
she thought she saw him but wasn’t positive that her eyes weren’t
playing tricks on her since she could see the wall and everything else
in the room through him. Adam hadn’t said a word and he didn’t stay
there but a few moments. Trevor hadn’t been in the doorway that
evening so she had no idea if it had only been her imagination or not.
The first time Trevor spoke from the doorway, it was soft yet
Angel jumped slightly, almost dropping Adam’s urn. Apparently
Trevor hadn’t noticed her because he just continued with the story he
had started. It was tales of him and Adam growing up. Stories of
when they were young and all the things they’d done together or
gotten into. She loved hearing those stories so she remained silent just
sitting there listening. Adam had never talked much about growing up
so it was all new to her. When she closed her eyes she could almost
see the two of them young and mischievous, Adam following his big
brother around.
Angel fell asleep that night and dreamed of two little black-haired
boys running and playing, but somehow her dream turned and the
boys became grown men and then the men began to merge into one
man standing before her—Trevor. He was standing there before her as
nude as the day he’d been born and he was beckoning to her. Angel
was calling for Adam, not understanding what was going on. She
could hear Trevor saying her name over and over and then he was
touching her. Angel jerked awake to a dark room, but she could see a
dark outline just before she felt his touch. Trevor was standing over
her bed, shaking her and saying her name to wake her.
“You were dreaming and screaming out for Adam. I just wanted
to make sure you were okay.”
Angel was still half asleep when she asked, “Where’s Adam?”
“He’s gone, Angel, you were just dreaming.”
Angel shook her head as she felt hot tears streaming down her
face. The dream had felt so real it was almost as if she could have
reached out and taken Adam in her arms and held on to him forever.
When Trevor sat down on the side of her bed and pulled her into his
arms, she felt the wetness of his tears and knew he was crying as well.
She wasn’t the only one hurting and missing Adam, so was his
brother. She wrapped her arms around Trevor and held him to her,
giving comfort as much as she was taking it. She knew somehow
they’d get through this together.
* * * *
Trevor woke with a start when Angel had begun screaming for
Adam. He pulled on his jogging pants and ran to her room. He didn’t
bother to knock. He just opened the door and rushed to her side. He
tried calling out her name but she didn’t answer so he bent to shake
her, hoping she’d stop screaming and wake up.
“Angel, please wake up you’re dreaming,” he called out and
shook her a little harder. It had been six months and he had avoided
touching her up until this point. He’d been attracted to her from the
first moment he’d laid eyes on her and would have done anything to
take her pain away. Adam had sent him photos of their wedding and
the two of them together over the years. He knew she was a beautiful
woman, but he didn’t realize how beautiful or how sensual everything
she did was until he spent time with her.
Her name seemed to fit her perfectly. She looked like an angel.
She was small and delicate, her hair so blonde it was almost a silvery
white, and looked like silk. She wore it long with bangs, her eyes so
blue like the deepest ocean. Her oval face held the perfect hint of a
blush, and her lips were full and the perfect shade of pink.
Her body was another matter altogether. She only stood maybe
five feet if she was lucky, coming to his chest, and had enough curves
to make her body look sinful as hell. She grew her fingernails long,
but left them unpolished. Trevor could almost imagine them buried in
his back.
He felt guilty that he wanted his brother’s wife, but there was
nothing he could do to change the fact. He’d thought about leaving
and putting a lot of distance between them but for some reason he
couldn’t bring himself to leave her when she seemed to need him so
At this moment all he wanted to do was pull her in his arms and
heal her—love her. He knew she was still half asleep when she asked
where Adam was and he hated that he had to remind her that Adam
was gone. It hurt him to have to hurt her, but there was nothing else
he could do. He sat down on the bed and pulled her into his arms
before he thought better of it.
He felt her hot tears on his chest just before he realized tears were
sliding down his own face. She wrapped her arms around him holding
him tightly. He inhaled her scent as he buried his face in her hair. She
probably thought he was crying over Adam, but he knew it was
because he hurt for her loss more than his own.
He knew she’d run if she knew how bad he wanted to make love
to her. He wanted Angel more than he’d ever wanted a woman in his
life. The feel of her in his arms and the fresh scent of her in his
nostrils had his cock wanting to rise. He hoped she wouldn’t feel it.
She’d think he was some sort of pervert taking advantage of a
grieving widow and that’s exactly what he’d be if he pursued her at
this moment so he just held her and comforted her the best that he

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