Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Promo for books at Leap of Faith Publishing

Just a bit of a promo this week for two of my books located at Leap of Faith Publishing. You can read the first two chapters of either or both of the books here at my blog or go check them out on the website. They are both great books and I hope you enjoy reading the first two chapters for free. Both books can also be purchased through Amazon. com

Sophia's Desire:
What happens when your best friend turns out to be the only man you’ll ever love, would you do anything for them---anything? Now that Sophia’s a grown woman she knows just how much she’d do for Vincent and she’s determined to keep him one way or another, even if she has to fight the devil himself, or in this case the devil "herself." 

Sophia knows Vince loves her too. She can see it in his eyes and feel it in his touch. It just seems as if every time they find a moment of happiness something or someone comes along to tear them apart. How many times can they hurt each other before there’s nothing left to tear apart? Just when she thought their lives were perfect and all her dreams were about to come true Vince does a complete turnaround acting as if he never loved her to begin with. Now, it’s up to her to find out what the devil is holding over his head. 
Leap of Faith Publishing
            Vince held his hand out to her. Sophia smiled, placing her hand in his. He pulled her into his arms and began to move with the music. She loved how he held her tightly and the way he looked at her sent chills down her spine. The only thing that could make this even more perfect for her would be if he’d tell her that he loved her as much as she did him. She opened her mouth to tell him just how she felt, but stopped when he spoke first.
            “Just dance,” he whispered, moving closer to her ear.
            Sophia wondered why he’d brought her here to dance. Why not to a club or her apartment? They danced to the entire CD. She laid her head on his shoulder, enjoying the feel of his arms around her as they moved together in the moonlight. She felt a little chilled in the cool night air, but she wasn’t ready to leave the comfort of his arms. She didn’t want the night to ever end. She was afraid that he’d been called to return to duty, or something else was about to happen to rip them apart.
            The sway of Vince’s body moving and caressing hers, the soft music playing, and the moon shining down on them through the trees was so romantic. The sounds of nature all around them made Sophia glad that Vince had chosen to bring her here to dance instead of an impersonal club.
            Here it was just the two of them and the night. It was like being in a magical dream with the sexiest man in the world holding her in his arms. The music moved through her, her body felt so alive. Her nipples were hard peaks against his even harder chest; they throbbed just like the rest of her body, aching for his touch. If this wasn’t such a public place she feared she’d be begging Vince to take her here and now. She glanced over at the black and orange motorcycle shining in the moonlight, wondering if there was any way to make love on the big beautiful beast. With her luck the damn thing would topple over at the moment of ecstasy and injure or kill both of them.
            She closed her eyes wrapping her arms tighter around his neck as she caressed his nape up the back of his head. His breath was warm on the side of her neck, his lips caressing the column all the way up to her ear. A shiver went through her when he gently nibbled on her lobe.
            Just when she was about to suggest the motorcycle idea the last song ended. Vince removed her arms from around his neck, keeping one of her hands in his he turned and led her back to the bike. They rode home in the dark with Sophia hugging tightly to Vince’s back. The only noise to break the quiet was the roar of the bike.

            While she was soaking he poured her a glass of wine and brought it to her.
            “What can I do to convince you to join me?” she purred sweetly.
            “All you have to do is ask, sweetheart. I’m here to please.” His voice sounded low and seductive.
            “Please join me?” she held her hand out to him.
            Vince stripped in record time and stepped up to the tub. The man was pure perfection, a dream come true. Sophia moved to her knees. She wrapped her hands around his waist, and her lips around his cock.
            “What are you doing?” he sighed, throwing his head back. “Tonight was supposed to be about you.”
            Sophia moved her mouth off of him long enough to speak.
            “This is about me. I want to taste you—all of you. Now be quiet and enjoy yourself because I know I’m going to.” She took him back into her mouth, suckling deeply. She kneaded his firm, sexy ass, digging her nails into the creamy white globes as her greedy mouth sucked him dry. It didn’t matter how many times they made love, or how long they’d be together she only knew she’d never get enough of him.
            Vince stepped into the tub settling behind her, his cock still hard and pressing into her back. She turned around in the tub to face him, wrapping her legs around his waist. She was more than thankful that she’d found a home with such a large tub.
            Vince wrapped his hands around her waist, lifting her slightly to position her over him. Sophia smiled as she braced her hands on his shoulders, moaning out as she impaled herself on his hefty cock as he surged upward. No matter how many times she took him into her body she was always amazed at how big he really was. It took her breath away as her inner muscles stretched to accommodate him each and every time. She closed her eyes and threw her head back as she began to ride him, rocking her hips back and forth at first, grinding their bodies together. Her breasts felt heavy, and ached for his touch, her nipples hard peaks begging for his attention.
            Vince cupped her face in his hands when she opened her eyes to look at him on a sigh. He had that dreamy, blissful look on his face that she loved. He pulled her head forward sealing their lips together. His tongue invaded the recesses of her mouth, thrusting into it much the same way his cock thrust into her body.
            She wondered if he could taste his delicious essence on her tongue. If he could he didn’t seem to mind as he ravished her mouth, his fists digging into her scalp, holding her head immobile while he did it. It was a pleasure-pain thing. She loved when he pulled her hair while his cock was pile-driving into her pussy. She loved how wonderful he made her feel in and out of bed. Sophia wanted Vince anytime and anyway she could get him.

Take My Breath Away
What if you want one woman, but you're told by her brother, your friend, that you can't have her? do you date her older sister? Probably not, but that's exactly what Ted decides to do. He tries to change his lifestyle and be the man Cassandra wants, when all Ted wants is to be himself, the Master. The one he wants to be his sub isn't Cassandra at all, but her younger sister Tabby.

Ted knew he'd love to tame Tabby from the first moment he laid eyes on her. The little minx had flirted and teased him mercilessly every chance she got. Tabby quickly became the only woman who had ever been able to make Ted yearn for something and a family. He wonders if Tabby will still want him once she finds out what kind of man he truly is.
Tabitha is a tease and enjoys it. That is she does, until a Marine recruit that she'd been teasing became obsessed with her, now she's not sure what to do. Then there's Ted, she may have started out merely teasing him, but she quickly fell for him. How can she now convince Ted that she really wasn't a tease, and that she really wanted to be his woman?

                Tabitha Jameson knew from the moment Ted Robey walked through their front door with her brother Brian that she wanted him between her legs and anywhere else he chose to be. She knew his name because Brian talked about moving into his house all the time. But that was all she knew about him, until now. She never pictured he be so manly, so sexy. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t seen sexy men before because she had. Her father was a general in the marines, but he was also currently acting as the drill sergeant so she got to see all the new recruits come in. Hell, she liked teasing them just to upset her father. He always warned her to stay away from his marines, so she made it a point to flaunt herself around them every chance she got. She thought it was all harmless fun.
She hated to see her brother move out. He’d always been the only one who ever really cared about her, but was happy for him all the same. He’d always treated her as if she were still a little girl and if he’d known about her teasing those guys he’d have thrown a fit. He didn’t want her to date and made sure of it by threatening any guy who tried to ask her out. He’d probably have a heart attack if he knew she’d snuck into his room and watched his X-rated movies. She just had all these strange feelings happening to her body and wanted to know what went on between a man and a woman. It wasn’t as if Brian would ever let her find out on her own.
She also knew she’d never felt anything like the tingling she was now felt between her legs by just looking at this man. God, he was built like the finest molded marine she’d ever seen, and she’d seen a lot in her time. His muscles seemed to ripple as he walked across the floor. The t-shirt he was wearing was stretched tightly to his body and seemed to be cutting into his biceps as his arms flexed. His hair a wavy chocolate brown, cut short, and neat. He was handsome in a rough sort of way. He had that bad boy look behind those dark sunglasses he still wore, making him look almost dangerous.
                Tabby watched holding her breath as he pushed the sunglasses up to rest on the top of his head. Those smoldering brown eyes, lord help her. She wanted to melt into them as her body began to tremble slightly. She was almost afraid of what her body was feeling for a total stranger. She’d seen the marines around here looking at her, but she’d never felt anything like she was feeling at this moment. She had a strong urge to reach down and touch herself to ease the ache that was beginning to build there.
                Watching him through hooded eyes as he strutted across the living room as if he owned it and then stop, his jeans were molded so tightly to his body she had to bite her bottom lip to keep from sighing out loud as he began to move again. She looked up at him when he stopped directly in front of her.
                “Hey.” his voice was so deep she could almost feel it vibrating inside her body.
                “Hello.” she barely got out past her tight throat.
                “She’s cute, you’re sister?” Ted asked following Brian.
                “Yeah, she’s the baby.” Brian answered.
                “I’m not a baby, Bri.” Tabby yelled.
                “Sure, you’re not Tabby Cat.” Brian laughed.
                “The name fits. She’s as cute as a kitten.” Ted chuckled, looking back at her over his shoulder, as he winked at her.
                “Yeah a kitten with claws.” Brian answered, and then they both laughed. “Grab a seat, man. I’ll get us something to drink.” Brian said motioning to a chair across the room from her, just before going into the kitchen.
                Tabby watched through her lashes as Ted sat down, she could feel his eyes on her, warming her from her bare toes to her head, and then he slowly ran his tongue across his teeth.
                “Like what you see?” she inquired teasingly with an arched brow.
                “I don’t know. I really haven’t seen anything.” He raised his eyes brows smiling wickedly at her. “Yet.”
                Brian came out of the kitchen carrying a couple of beers, handing one to Ted, and then tapped the bottom of her foot with the other.
                “Move your feet Tabby Cat, and by the way, where is everyone?” he asked when she pulled her feet closer to her buttocks. She felt Ted’s eyes on her ass as her shorts crept past her cheeks.
                “Dad’s still away training the new troops. Mom and Cass are out shopping again.” She stood up and started across the room.
                “Why didn’t you go with them?” Brian asked.
                “Oh please, do I look like I need new clothes?” she asked pulling her top over her head then pushed her shorts down, stepping out of them smiling as she noticed Ted checking out her barely there white bikini.
                “Hell yeah, looks to me like you’ve outgrown your damn clothes, and what the hell, are you doing anyway?” Brian demanded to know.
                “Going for a swim,” Tabby replied looking at her brother. “Would you and your…” She looked back at Ted as she headed toward the French doors. “Boyfriend care to join me?” she asked just before going through them, and shutting them back.
                She turned with her fingernail between her teeth to see Ted standing at the French doors staring at her. She opened her mouth and stuck her finger in to lightly suck on it as she pulled it back out. She knew she was teasing him but she couldn’t help herself. She jumped into the water to cool herself down more than to actually swim.

                “Oh God Cassandra, when did you start wanting to do this? I didn’t think you liked sucking cock, are you trying to tell me your sorry about not going out with me last night?” he moaned moving his hands down to her hair to caress her scalp.
                Her hand began to move up and down holding tightly to the base of his shaft, as her other one cupped his balls and began to gently massage him.
                It took all the will power he had not to hold the back of her head and ram his cock to the back of her throat. He knew if he did something like that, this wondrous pleasure he was feeling would be over, he’d frighten her and she’d never do it again. He wondered if she’d gotten drunk, and that was why she was sucking him. Every other time he’d begged her to do this she’d made a face that said she was disgusted by even the thought of it.
                “Oh god babe, you’re going to make me come if you don’t stop. I can’t wait to be inside of you.” It been too long since he’d felt this. He couldn’t help but wonder what made Cassandra change her mind. He felt her mouth move off of his cock still holding it in her hands working them up and down. Then he heard her speak.
                “I can’t wait either Teddy Bear.” It was a soft sensuous purr. He never thought he’d hear while he was being sucked to madness.
                His cock jerked in response to her, his eyes opened instantly knowing that it wasn’t Cassandra who’d been sucking him mindless. He should have known it wasn’t her, his cock had never responded to Cassandra this way. Instead laying there between his legs working his engorged cock, and smiling sweetly at him was the one woman he wasn’t allowed to have, yet the one he’d been dreaming of. She was the one giving him more pleasure than any he‘d ever known.
                “What the fuck are you doing, Tabby?” he yelled trying slightly to move away from her. Yet, not wanting to give up the pleasure she was giving him. He was torn between his pleasure and his friendship.
                “Making you come.” she smiled bigger, and then lowered her head sucking him back into her hot mouth as she gripped him tightly.
                Ted grabbed her hair tangling his hand in it, intending to make her stop until he felt her moan around him, taking him a little farther into her mouth, and a little farther down her throat. He felt it closing around him. She seemed to be getting into the roughness of her hair being pulled, and he was damn sure getting into the way she was sucking him. He knew he’d burn in hell for this, but he began massaging her scalp as he rocked his hips fucking her mouth, sliding down her throat a little farther each time. He felt her gasp and gag once, but she never stopped.
                “Swallow my cock when I push it down your throat that way you won’t gag.” He ordered and was surprised that she listened and did exactly as he’d said. “Oh hell, let this be a dream.” He murmured.
                What happened to all the control he used to have, the control he was proud of, the one he’d worked to prefect for so long? He couldn’t believe her hot little mouth had robbed him of that along with every sane thought he ever had.
                “Unless you want your mouth full of cum I suggest you move, now.” he breathed out just a few moments later. He reluctantly released her hair just in case she wanted to move. He liked it when women finished the job but he wouldn’t make her if she didn’t want to. When she took him deeper, sucking him harder he knew he couldn’t hold out any longer. And there it went, the last little shred of sanity he had left.
                 “That’s it, don’t stop baby.” he groaned grabbing the back of her head he held her tighter to him as his hot seed filled her mouth. “Oh God, that’s it, just swallow Kitten, swallow all of me.” he groaned loudly.
                When he released her she raised her head smiling at him. Ted watched as her pink tongue darted out to run across her lips, slowly gathering every last drop of him.
                “Where the hell did you learn to do that?” he asked because he was fairly sure he’d never seen or heard of her being with anyone, and hadn’t Brian just said something about her being a virgin the other night?
                “I saw it on one of Brian’s videos and thought it looked very interesting.” she cooed.
                “You expect me to believe you learned to suck cock that good by watching a video?” he asked arching his left eyebrow.
                “I don’t care what you believe Teddy Bear, it’s the truth.” she smiled cunningly at him.
                “And, do you still think it’s, interesting?” he had to ask putting his hands behind his head leaning back against the headboard to watch her.
                “I think you’re very delicious,” She purred. “I can’t wait to taste you again.” 
                He watched as her pink tongue came out to lick her swollen lips again, and then she nipped at her bottom lip pulling it between her teeth. It almost made him want to lick his own.
                “You do know that I should have stopped you. If Cassandra or Brian had come in here they’d have killed me for what you were doing.” He confessed.
“They’re not here. Brian called my cell phone last night to inform me that he was staying at his girlfriend’s house after work. Cassie went out with her friends, and I’m pretty sure she’s still with them, or probably still in bed and I locked the doors last night anyway.”