Sunday, August 20, 2017

2 more to send out and the manuscripts i'm working on

I have two more manuscripts ready to be sent out and am currently working on at least three to six more. I have a hard time just writing one at a time (laughing) I don't understand why that is but my mind seems to jump from one to the other sometimes especially when I'm trying to sleep.

I guess I can give you a sample of the two manuscripts I have done, sort of a sneak peek hoping they will get published. I will be sending them out later today or in the morning.

I've been sitting up late and working but sleeping in because I get the best sleep in the early morning hours but school will be starting next week so I'm trying to get myself ready to sleep during the night and getting up early again. Ugh! I hate getting up early!
 Okay to the samples now.

1st sample we'll call it book 1
She suddenly felt shy being the only one without clothes on. How could she stand there and let this stranger stare at her like this, but she loved the feel of his eyes on her, the heat in his gaze.  He pulled her to him once more, their lips meeting, and their tongues tangling together. She reached down between them to unfasten his jeans once more. This time he didn’t stop her. Once she had them unfastened he sprang forward long and hard, but she wanted him completely naked so she pushed at the waist of his jeans until they began to fall down around his muscular legs.

2nd sample book 2
His breath was warm on her face, his pink lips gentle and soft on hers. She opened her mouth to him as he deepened the kiss. She moaned as his tongue filled her mouth. The sweetness of his kiss was unbelievable. The next thing she knew they were tugging at each other’s clothes wanting to get closer to each other. They couldn’t get each other’s clothes off fast enough. Then they were laying on the picnic table he positioned her on top. She stared down into his face as he pushed into her and they both groaned out as he filled her completely. She leaned up placing her hands on his broad chest for support as she stared into his eyes. It felt right with him buried deep into her.

Enjoy and I'll let you know when and if they get published!