Saturday, August 30, 2014

His Grace's Payment - New Erotic Historical Romance

Contract has been read, signed, and returned! His Grace's Payment will be out soon! Keep your eyes open for snippets, cover art, blog, and excerpts.
Electronic release is so far scheduled for November of this year and if you're into print books, that is scheduled for May 2015.
I'll start you off today with a little snippet (totally unedited and subject to change). I hope you enjoy and stop back by for more to come!!!


    “I need for you to pack a few things and put on your heavy cloak, girl.” Warren Thurlow grumbled.
     She sucked in a harsh breath. No, he wouldn’t have. She began to panic a little, but pretended not to understand him. Her father never took her anywhere, especially nowhere that she would need extra clothing. Why did he suddenly want to take her somewhere? What was he up to? He couldn’t have lost their home. She wouldn’t allow herself to believe that until she heard it with her own ears.
     “Why father? Where are we going?” she lay her sewing aside and clasped her hands in her lap to keep them from shaking. He looked more agitated than normal, when he stopped pacing long enough to look at her.
     “Not that I need to explain anything to you, but we are going to His Grace, Clayton Merrick’s estate.” he answered, turning to look through what was left of their dissolute home. He begun to gather anything left that still had any value at all. Most of it was just sentimental value. Things her mother had loved that weren’t worth much of anything to anyone else.
     “Who is Clayton Merrick?” she had never heard of the man before, was he one of her father’s gaming friends? At least he hadn’t said he’d lost their home. Did her father owe this man money? She knew something was wrong with the way her father was behaving, strange even for him. Why was he making her go with him? What purpose would she be there for?
     “He is a very important man that I owe a great deal of money to.” Warren Thurlow declared.
     “Then why do I need to pack a few things? Are we going to be staying there for a few days?” Why was her father being so secretive? Something wasn’t right. She could feel it in the pit of her stomach. Why did he want her to go with him? Just how much money did he owe the man? Did he think the man would take pity on him if he brought his daughter along? She didn’t have the proper clothes to go to some important man’s home. Hell, the servants there would probably be dressed better than she was. There had to be a reason he wanted her to go with him. She stood and followed him to the doorway.
     “No, we are not staying…you are, Beth.” he made it sound like a demand, his voice was hard and uncaring, sounding very much like the tyrant he had become.
     “What do you mean…I will be staying?” Had her father lost his mind? Why would she be staying at the home of a stranger? Did he have children for her to attend to? She leaned against the crumbling wall of the foyer, her arms crossed over her bosom. She didn’t like the sound of what her father was suggesting. She had never met this Clayton Merrick before and had no intentions on going to his home to stay.
     “I have no other means in which to repay the man my debt. He is expecting me there tomorrow.” He started past her on his way searching through the house, for what she had no idea. There wasn’t anything of great importance left that he hadn’t already sold, so what could he be looking for? Just what did she have to do with repaying the man?
     “So, you are just going to give me to him? What kind of man is he—what kind of man are you?” she put her hand to her mouth when she realized she was screaming at her father’s back.
Warren Thurlow stopped and turned, moving back to her side. He drew back his hand as if to strike her, but seemed to think better of it when she closed her eyes and flinched, because the pain never came.
     “Must I remind you of whom it is you are speaking to?” he threatened.
     She swallowed against the bile rising and shook her head. “No, Father, I know very well whom it is I am speaking to.” she tried not to tremble in fear as she opened her eyes to look at him once more. He’d never struck her before, but then she usually tried to avoid him whenever he’d been drinking. She just wasn’t sure that he wouldn’t actually do it one day.
     “It’s not as if I am just giving you to the man, Bethany. I’m sure he will find something for you to do until my debt is satisfied.” 

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