Sunday, February 8, 2015

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Slave to Blyss
Shared Desires 4

Georgia wasn’t sure she wanted to continue to be a sub, until she met Blyss. He was everything she wanted in a man and a Master. Now comes the hard part. She has to learn to love and trust all over again. Will she be able to do it before her first Master returns to steal all her hopes and dreams away?
Blyss wasn’t a stranger to submissives, or to slaves, and beyond the pleasure he knew they both received, he hadn’t given his subs much thought. Until Georgia. She was different in every way and he found himself wanting to know her as a woman and someone he wanted to spend time with outside the bedroom. Now her complete love and pleasure is his goal and he intends to achieve both because he never intends to let her go.

Adult Excerpt

Once they were inside the dungeon Blyss locked the door, and then sat in the corner to watch her with Gavin. Georgia removed her clothes, and then took her position on the floor just as Gavin had directed her to do. She wasn’t sure how she managed to do it so flawlessly when she was a bundle of nerves. Just being near Blyss caused so many emotions to course through her, emotions she hadn’t felt in a long time. She held her breath as Blyss walked a circle around her looking at her. She felt a little nervous, and uncomfortable at first but then her blood heated with his stare making her feel hot and desirable. She wanted the man to touch her more than she wanted her next breath, or at the very least say something. She liked the sound of his voice when they had been in his office. It was so deep, soothing, and masculine; it sent a fiery tingle through her entire body.

Gavin ordered her to stand and make her way to the spanking bench where he strapped her over it. She moaned with each smack of his hand against her bare ass. Gavin had taught her how good it could feel; now she craved it. She was actually purring like a little kitten by the time her ass was hot.

“Please, Master.” She begged when Gavin stopped. She was so close to the verge of orgasm that her pussy ached.

“Please what, Pet?” Gavin coaxed.

“Please spank me again, Master.” Her voice was as quiet as a mouse. She was more than ready to beg for him to complete the exquisite pleasure-pain.

“In time.” Gavin dipped his hand down between her legs running his fingers over her slit and through her juices, wringing a moan from her.

She was so wet; her juices were running down her thighs. She loved that Gavin had spanked her, but she loved the idea that Master Blyss was watching even more. She wanted to beg for Blyss to finish her off, but waited to see what Gavin had planned next. She knew Gavin could bring her to fulfillment within seconds. There would be no saying her safe word tonight. She had known that from the moment she’d stepped into Blyss’s office and laid eyes on the golden god.
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