Thursday, September 17, 2015

New Release!!!!

Rylee's Rapture was just released tonight on Amazon. com

Thaddeus Warrick, fallen angel turned demon, had been given a new assignment…Rylee Jasper. He hadn’t been told too much about her, except that she was an important yet small part of the mission. He didn’t usually have any problems convincing women to do what he wanted them to, and didn’t believe this woman would be any different. He smiled thinking that he should have this assignment completed in no time at all, and be back to tempting women of his own choosing.
The first time he saw what Rylee looked like he smiled thinking his job would be simple. She was a plain woman, not someone he’d normally seduce. She kept her brown lifeless hair rolled tight and up in a bun on the back of her head. She was short and the long green dress she wore to her ankles made her look even smaller. He couldn’t tell how she was built under the thing, which was a shame. The dress was nowhere near flattering on her, not to mention she wore a white sweater over it. She reminded him of an old librarian from the early years, the only thing missing were those black cat eye glasses they used to wear. He swore he’d laugh if she put on a pair of those things.
Now, seeing her across the room, he’d never guess she was the same woman he’d been watching. Her hair was a long shimmering brown with golden highlights, her face heart shaped with a smooth creamy complexion. The black witch costume she wore showed glimpses of firm breast that made his mouth water. They weren’t large, but they were enough. Her waist was slim and flared out at the hips. He longed to see if her legs were shapely, but they were hidden beneath the long black skirt.
He believed her eyes were hazel, but he couldn’t be sure from where he was standing. She looked a little lost standing all alone in the crowded room. She smiled shyly at him every time she looked his way. He knew that corrupting her wouldn’t be too complicated he would just have to get her over her shyness. He was encouraged by the way she was kept looking at him.
The true challenge had been in getting her to come to his home in the first place. She was always spending time with the angel. He couldn’t very well approach her himself. Micah would know him right away. The game would end much too soon, and not in his favor. He convinced his friend, and fellow demon, Davin to invite Rylee’s best friend Heather to attend the elaborate Halloween party and to bring her friend Rylee with her. Thaddeus knew that Heather could talk Rylee into doing just about anything she wanted her to. He’d watched Heather do it often enough as he studied Rylee. Now that he had her here he could handle everything else.
Rylee wasn’t his only assignment; no she was only a small part of it. Lucifer may want her soul as well, but she was only the means to get what Thaddeus was really after. If Thaddeus wanted to earn a rightful place here on earth, and in hell, along with the praise of his master, Lucifer he had to corrupt Micah. It would be the one mission Thaddeus would enjoy with relish. He hadn’t always wanted to hurt Micah, but his old friend had turned on him years ago, betraying him and causing him his place in heaven.
Not only would Thaddeus earn the top position in his law firm, he’d get to enjoy seeing the angel brought down. It was something he’d been longing to do for some time now. Micah had ruined his life long ago, turning him into an earth bound demon and it was high time Thaddeus received his revenge.
Thaddeus had been informed that Micah kept close tabs on the human woman, he was her guardian angel. He knew that was the truth when he’d seen Micah with Rylee every day for the past week. What he didn’t understand was why the angel had let himself be seen? Was there more to this human than what Thaddeus knew? It was also rumored that Rylee had become the angel’s weakness and greatest temptation. He smiled. What better way to get the real prize than to take what the prize wanted most? Still Thaddeus couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy toward the woman every time he saw the way that Micah looked at her. What did Micah see in a lowly human that he prized so much? Thaddeus didn’t know yet, but he was about to find out.

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