Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tidbit Thursday 4/17/14 (Midnight Moon)

This tidbit comes from Midnight Moon it's an erotic western romance published through Siren. If you haven't already purchased it and you like the tidbit you can also read the first chapter here on my blog. The buy links are posted at the end of the chapter. I will also add Siren's buy link here. Enjoy, and have a terrific Thursday!

[Siren Classic: Erotic Historical Western Romance, HEA]
Satin Daring thinks she has no other options than to run away when her father demands she marry someone she doesn't know. She wants to marry for love and won’t settle for anything less.
Drake “Black Thunder” Peterson needs time away from his white grandfather to cool his anger when the old man tells him he’s found the woman Drake is to marry. All Drake wants to do is get away and maybe go to the Blackfoot village and visit with his father’s people until he is calm enough to discuss his future with his grandfather.
When Black Thunder and Satin’s paths cross, they don’t know their futures are destined as they struggle with their own lies and lives they’ve left behind. When they fall in love with each other only to be ripped apart, will they be able to find each other again? Will Drake/Black Thunder give up everything he fought so hard for just to have the woman he loves back in his arms?

Black Thunder was already in their lodge when she got there. He was lying on the only mat they had in the tipi. He was bare from his flat, bronzed belly up to the top of the beautiful black hair on his head. He had slept fully dressed the night in the cabin. Satin was nervous, thinking about sleeping next to him without a shirt covering him. She let her eyes travel down his body, stopping at the buffalo hide that covered his lower half. Her breath caught in her throat. She couldn’t help but wonder if he had anything on beneath that cover. She didn’t have to wonder long because Black Thunder threw the buffalo hide back, showing her his beautiful bronzed body. Her eyes roamed over the muscles he proudly displayed to her again, not to mention that part of him that stood like a soldier at attention. It wasn’t like that the first time she saw him, nor was it as big as it was at this moment.
“What in the world are you doing?” Satin gasped. She couldn’t believe he was naked beneath the cover. What had he been thinking, wasn’t this was all only supposed to be pretend? Had he changed his mind and wanted her to really be his wife?
“I’ve seen you watching me, Satin. I know you want me just as much as I want you.” His words were deep and raspy when he spoke.
Satin shook her head, backing away a step. “I don’t want you that way. This wasn’t part of our agreement.”
“Oh no, what agreement would that be?” he teased, raising his eyebrows.
“The agreement that this was supposed to be a pretend marriage, this wasn’t a part of that agreement, it’s not supposed to really happen.”
“Then why don’t we go to Grandfather right now and tell him that you really don’t want to be married to me, and let him find you a suitable husband. One that you’ll want to be with, since it isn’t me.”
“That’s not what I meant.” She stomped her foot in anger. “I don’t want any man, that’s why I agreed to this pretend marriage to you. Not because I wanted you,” she lied, hoping that he wouldn’t be able to tell.
Black Thunder sat up, grabbing her hand quickly and pulling her down to the buffalo hides with him. “Then let’s see if I can change your mind, wife. If I can’t, then we can pretend that we’re doing the things that married people do while everyone else listens on the other side of the tipi.”
Satin looked toward the closed flap, wondering if someone was actually listening. Black Thunder was right. She did want him. She wanted him to be her husband, but the thought that he was only her husband here kept her from fully wanting to give in to him, no matter how much she wanted him. Her father would disown her if she ever returned home a ruined woman without a husband, and what would happen if she found herself with child?