Sunday, January 25, 2015

What's Happening

A little info about book 4 of Shared Desires "Slave to Blyss" I just found out that it is scheduled for release on Feb. 6...stay tuned for further info and a book cover release.

A little about me I just found out that they found a new spot on my lung while taking the CT scan to make sure my other one hasn't changed and thank God it hasn't since 2011 however this new one is a solid nodule and I have to go back for another CT scan in a couple of months to find out if it has changed or not because being solid there is a good change it is malignant. I also went in for a mammogram because I found a lump on my breast thank God it was just a cyst but they found something on my other breast so I have to go back for another mammogram in six months. I'm also going through the change of life and my hormones have been all over the place...mostly crying a lot.

I went to Kentucky to visit with my Daddy yesterday because he's been sick as well. We talked about things we were both feeling and I'm sorry that I cried on him most of the day, but it felt good to have a serious talk with him. I think it brought us a lot closer together. He's also waiting for a test to come back for his prostate to see if it's cancerous. In between the crying we had our picture taken together, sorry we both closed our eyes.

In the meantime. I am back home and trying to get my mind wrapped around the two projects I have started. One is an erotic contemporary romance and the other is a erotic paranormal romance (Vampire's).
Have a wonderful day!